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Fedders USA History

Fedders USA is a unit of FEDDERS Quigan Corp, an American company, and hold the FEDDERS trademark for the United States.


FEDDERS USA was reborn in 2020 and serves the American HVAC and appliance market.



We are the legacy company of Fedders manufacturing company founded in Buffalo New York in 1896 and New York Stock Exchange listed (FJQ) Fedders Corporation.

Fedders MFG merged with Brooklyn New York Frank J Quigan company in 1945 and Fedders Quigan was born. Fedders introduced its first room air conditioner in 1946 and quickly established itself as the worlds largest selling brand.   


Fedders Quigan was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1952 and the company changed its name to FEDDERS Corporation in 1959. 

Today, Fedders is 100 % American owned company , and new FEDDERS-Quigan is reborn. We hold the FEDDERS United States Trademark and sells products in America.


In 2008 Fedders filed for bankruptcy in large part due to market forces beyond its control. The company was sold in pieces and the Fedders air conditioning brand phased out in America by the Singapore company who acquired the assets.  In 2020 the Fedders trademark was re-registered in America by American's with the goal of making FEDDERS USA great again.